Garhwal Rifles


The Garhwal Rifles is an infantry regiment of the Indian Army. It was originally raised in 1887 as the 39th (Garhwal) Regiment of the Bengal Army, it became part of the British Indian Army, and after the Independence of India, the Indian Army.

His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir F.S. Roberts, Commander-in-Chief, India,
Extract of his recommendations – January 1886

“The men would be an excellent fighting class. The present 5th Gurkhas had many Garhwális in its fighting ranks who repeatedly proved themselves brave and faithful soldiers and are considered by the officers of that corps as equal to the pure Gurkha in physique and pluck. The other Gurkha Regiments count their Garhwális as amongst their best soldiers, and all the officers who know this class best speak in the highest terms of their military qualifications.”